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Escapist space…. Coventry?


17th century woman

Image research for the Empress of ice cream in to 17th century woman’s fashion…

Ice cream sculpture

Inspirational Images

First post in a very very long time but a start to putting the things i find inspirational online again. 

This post is a few images i have found that make me think 
of the recent brief set by little brown books  

These images are for 'Damaged' 
A Thriller by Alex Kava

'The 7 installment in the Maggie O’Dell series: When a cool box 
filled with body parts washes up on the Florida shore, 
Maggie O’Dell uncovers the gruesome network of 
an underground cadaver trade.'

Origins of flight

i am loving all these designs for heaver than air flight


Mrs Eaves


I am just blown away by the talented Aussie typographer Gemma O’Brien (aka Mrs Eaves) not just for her video or even the idea of type being written all over her body (not very original) but for the shear fact shes not a typographer obsessed with Helvetica styled typefaces her work is a breath of fresh air in my mind.

AC/DC Rocks the Office

Who said videos need to be made in final cut or even in movie or even with a camera check out this video for AC DC it cool for the shear fact it takes a program that i used to loath using back in school and uses it creatively.


analog vs digital


Is there really a difference between digital and analog? because in my eyes there’s always a way to achieve a look or a style and Danny wills ‘Analog vs Digital’ series shows with the right know how you can achieve looks that most people use Photoshop or illustrator to create.

Part of me says yes this dose look cool and i love it when people try to push skills and boundary further but dose it add more value to the image if its been done analog? to be honest i don’t know isn’t technology just technology in what ever form it takes?



a graffiti artist from Sydney his designs are amazing especially the type i cant help going back to his blog for more and more.

Jody Rogac


I think the combination of spontaneous and planed photos that Jody Rogac takes is why i like her work so much, she has a great eye for modals and is lucky with the situations she falls in to.

check her work out