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Monthly Archives: May 2009

domus Intersections how amazing is this hidden illustration of ‘Miss Web 2.0’ in issue 923 of Domus magazine. Design by Onlab, illustration by Tobias Krafczy Advertisements

new €5 coin for the Netherlands

without a doubt one of the most thought through examples of design i have seen in a while everything from were the birds are flying the the order of the names on the front of the coin has had a process and a point to it this isn’t just some pretty peace of design, READ […]

Stop motion with wolf and pig. Despite the annoying music this video is a amazing example of imagination. using 1,300 printed pictures they have created a animation that almost interacts with the surroundings rather than just has a loose connection to them.

Schweppes new add’s

i am really liking the new Schweppes adverts i first saw these on a billboard in Bristol the other week and it made me laugh! its nice to see designers being aloud to make comments about society in a mainstream situation. dose this mean designers are starting to be respected for there opinions rather than […]