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Evan Roth


Evan Roths projects have me completely mesmerized from the humerus to totally mind blowing. One of the few people i would actually wont to meet.

newist projects include: Michael Jackson Public Domain Countdown, (program to turn Kayne west blog in to lower case), blogger training gym and so many more i wont put them all on here go and see for your self.


Graffiti Taxonomy: Paris, 2009


This is such a amazing idea i really wonder how long it took to build the site!

domus Intersections

how amazing is this hidden illustration of ‘Miss Web 2.0’ in issue 923 of Domus magazine. Design by Onlab, illustration by Tobias Krafczy

new €5 coin for the Netherlands

Architectuur 5 2008 vz v5Architectuur 5 2008 kz v5
without a doubt one of the most thought through examples of design i have seen in a while everything from were the birds are flying the the order of the names on the front of the coin has had a process and a point to it this isn’t just some pretty peace of design, READ THIS BLOG ARTICLE!

Stop motion with wolf and pig.

Despite the annoying music this video is a amazing example of imagination. using 1,300 printed pictures they have created a animation that almost interacts with the surroundings rather than just has a loose connection to them.

Schweppes new add’s


i am really liking the new Schweppes adverts i first saw these on a billboard in Bristol the other week and it made me laugh! its nice to see designers being aloud to make comments about society in a mainstream situation. dose this mean designers are starting to be respected for there opinions rather than just being mac monkeys? i hope so!

check out more like these at


this is a amazing example of the way children visualize letter forms.

it would be interesting to see how the schooling system has affected the way people visualize letter forms and perceive typefaces.

also dose any one fancy a hand drawn ABC… showdown in the studio + drinks????

A video of two people drawing the alphabet.

hand 1 Gradus W. Wouters, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2003
hand 2 Job Wouters, Leiden, the Netherlands, 1980

directed by Roel Wouters

Roel Wouters analog transitions

analog transitions + Trampoline = Who would have thought it

More Analog from Roel Wouters

More Analog from Roel Wouters

some interesting ways of thinking of things.

Who sucks the most? Vote wih your Gum

Gum Election

I found this video this morning and i personally think this is a very clever way of getting people to interact with design bring on more design’s that actually do something other than just look good!

go to the gum election website to see some of the examples.